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En la vie de...

We are everywhere. We are like waves of the Ocean..."

dE Moi;
SO about myself... I Never know what to say that would be an accurate description about myself, and would make myself sound cool. Not that I'm all about sounding cool, but I'd like to have something that would capture people and make 'em think, "Hmm, this one seems interesting....".

Oh and also, as you can see, I'm a Slytherin, just means i go after what I want, cunning when I have to be, ambitious, and quite nice actually. I'm funny at least I think so, sensitive, and worry way to much about what people think. I can't help it though.

I am the Intuitive type. I’m idealistic, loyal to my values and to people who are important me. I want an external life that is congruent to my values. I am curious, quick to see possibilities, and can be a catalyst for implementing ideas. I seek to understand people and to help them fulfill their potential. I am adaptable, flexible, and I am accepting, virtually harmless even, unless a value threatened. That’s me…
wIsh List;
1. I'd like to travel to Europe one day, and maybe even move there.
2. Travel to France to be more specific and Italy, England, Spain, maybe Russia because my friend lives there, Korea also because of a friend.
3. Actually drive to Montreal since I'm supposedly only 8 hours away.
4.Be content comfortable with my life.
5. Do something metamorphic
6. I would like to one day sponsor a child

hIt The sPot;
I’m a chronic worrier.

I love Languages.

I love rainy Days.

I love warm fuzzy moments.

I love being around people that care.

I love making new friends that get me.

sOrted / hIssy hiSsy;
Sempre Virens / Always Flourishing


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